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Special hamShack Switch discount plan available for Club and Group Purchases
                                            Planning a DXpedition?                                                   DXpedition discount and equipment loan program available
Contact UDCS Sales by e-mail to or call 919 632 3052 for details
Automate, Control, Operate and Change Station Configuration from Anywhere with hamShack Switch and N4PY Rig Control Software or other remote control systems
Home or Remote Station
hamShack Switch and N4PY Rig Control Server End
hamShack Switch and N4PY Rig Control Software Client End
                             Operator Location                                 Apartment, Assisted Living Facility, Condo, Hotel Room, Retirement Home, Vacation Rental or other location
Switch Antennas, Station Accessories and Operate Any Mode. You can even operate CW using paddles from a remote operator location
Operate from anywhere as if you were sitting in front of the rig

Rag Chew, Chase DX, Contest or SWL

  You do it from home, why not do it remotely?  

Operate from across town, across the country, across an ocean - Operate from anywhere!

Reconfigure your station with the click of a mouse 
hamShack Switch Control Software integrated client / server mode with N4PY Rig Control Sofware Products - Click on image to visit
hamShack Switch Customer Installation Photos and Product Reviews
Jim - K4QPL Operating his Raleigh, NC home station by remote control from Topsail Beach, NC and overseas using hamShack Switch.
What K4QPL has to say about his hamShack Switch Station Automation and Control System

hamShack Switch performed flawlessly, antenna switching was easy and reliable. Clicking the onscreen button for the desired antenna and seeing the greel LED light up to confirm my choice from hundres and thousands of miles away was a real thrill.

After the NA Sprint RTTY Content I explored the CW bands using hamShack Switch and was always reassured there was no risk of transmitting into an unconnected antenna port.  hamShack Switch is a great product that eliminates a "rats's nest" of cables and is also a flexible and economical way to replace several of those expensive remote control "black Boxes."  I was amazed what the system allowed me to do when I was on vacation overseas and operated my home station in NC as if I was sitting in front of my rig.
K4QPL hamShack Switch Installation Photos and Product Review
hamShack Switches and Cross Connect Block inside operating console
Control and Expansion Switches
Switches & D66 Terminal Block
Front of operating position N1MM & hamShack Switch Control Windows
K4QPL hamShack Switch Product Review
Click on image below to view
Customer Installation Photos - hamShack Switch & RX-6 Receive Antenna Switch
AK7G hamShack Switch & RX-6 Control Window
WØUCE hamShack Switch & RX-6 TX/RX  Antenna Control
WØUCE hamShack Switch Station Accessories Control
K4QPL hamShack Switch Control Window
12 VDC
Amplified Desk Speakers
          New version of hamShack Switch System Control Software
Version 1.31 Software  Released Dcember, 2015
Optional Enhancements
Commercial Multi-Client Server Switching System - January, 2016
Enhanced RX6 Client Server System - January 2016
Integrated N4PY Rig Control and Client Server Systems Q1 2016
          Product Application Assistance and Technical Support Telephone Number 919 632 3052                                                 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. East coast time Monday - Friday
      hamShack Switch and RX-6 Receive Antenna Switch complement any local or remote station control system.  Both products can also be operated in a Client - Server relationship with N4PY's suite of Rig Control Software as shown below